Papayas Planted in Mahi Pono Fields

A Mahi Pono crew uses a pair of a gas-powered augers to dig the holes for papaya trees being planted Thursday. The crew was expected to plant 10,000 non-GMO solo papaya trees. Mahi Pono Community Relations Director Tiare Lawrence said the next crops scheduled to be planted by the farm are onions, coffee and limes, which will go in the fields that have been prepped along Haleakala Highway. Also set to be planted soon, she said, will be ulu trees in Hamakuapoko. She said the breadfruit trees will provide shade for cattle and also help re-establish the“cultural landscape”of the area. Pranquil Arocena (left in second photo) and Miguel Villa plant a papaya tree Thursday morning.


Official Crop Plans Released by Mahi Pono

May 08, 2019 | Pacific Business News news crops

The first crops Mahi Pono will plant in Maui include citrus, avocado, potatoes, coffee and more.

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