Mahi Pono Donates 30,000 lbs. of Potatoes to Hawaii Foodbank

Mahi Pono, LLC, on Maui delivered a shipping container full of Maui-grown potatoes to the Hawaiʻi Foodbank on Friday.

Nearly 30,000 pounds of potatoes were harvested from Mahi Pono’s test crop and and were taken to the Hawaiʻi Foodservice Alliance for distribution on Oʻahu and Kauaʻi.

Mahi Pono is working to transform 41,000 acres of vacant former sugar cane land into a hub of diversified agriculture. The farming company began planting test crops of white, red and yellow potatoes last August, as part of its diversified agriculture development plan.

“We are extremely grateful to Mahi Pono for its generous donation, and we thank Chad Buck from Hawaiʻi Foodservice Alliance for shipping the 15 tons of potatoes to us,” said Ron Mizutani, CEO and President of Hawaiʻi Foodbank. “We are also excited about Mahi Pono’s focus to raise food for consumption statewide. Investments in agriculture are critical to increasing agricultural productivity, and sustainable food production systems need to be a part of the conversation to address hunger.”


Seedlings Taking Root!

May 07, 2019 | blog maui farming

Mahi Pono has begun growing seedlings in a local nursery, and expects to begin planting them in the ground this coming fall.

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