Maui Harvest

Maui Harvest locally grows high-quality produce that is helping to decrease Hawaii’s dependency on imported goods. The non-GMO crops grown by Maui Harvest are sold in grocery stores and served in restaurants across the State. Featuring potatoes, onions, papaya, and other food crops, Maui Harvest is committed to diversified farming and the preservation of agricultural acreage for the long-term benefit of Hawaii. 

Maui Harvest is part of Mahi Pono, a local Maui farming company that owns and operates approximately 41,000 acres of agricultural land in Central Maui. Mahi Pono is committed to growing food for local consumption, while practicing sustainable agriculture and the responsible use of Hawaii’s natural resources.


Where to Find Maui Harvest Products

• Foodland

• Tamura's Market

• Longs

• Don Quijote

• Times

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